Friends of ClarkMemorial Library

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Friends of Clark Memorial Library is sponsoring a Bag-a-Bargain sale of contemporary novels, literary classics & poetry, spiritual guides & self-help, health & fitness, music (w/records & CDs), and travel & foreign language books.

The sale begins at 2 pm on the view deck behind the Clark Memorial Clubhouse and ends when the Trotters Wake concert begins around 7. Buy a Bag-a-Bargain paper grocery bag for just $12.00 and fill it to the brim (above, if you can manage) with your choice from more than 1000 titles on display. Items can also be purchased individually.

Bag-a-Bargain books are not throwaways. The tiny Friends Bookstore simply must make space for new titles in its limited storage unit. Most books are hard cover, some like new, some signed by the author (though we also have plenty of travel-friendly paperbacks). You’ll find a wide variety of must-read contemporary titles by familiar authors along with a huge collection of personally-focused books about topics you may never have considered.

As always, proceeds from the sale directly benefit the library, expanding CML’s book and video collection and creating programs to entertain and educate regular patrons.

You can help ensure a good turnout. Inform friends, family, and acquaintances of this sale (you can use the social media and email share buttons below).

Questions? Email, call the library at (928) 634-5423, or visit the library at 39 N. Ninth St. in the Clarkdale Town Center and talk to Therese in the Bookstore (where you can preview some of the titles).

Thanks for supporting our library!